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M.Sc. Radmila Holušová belongs to the international team of Paths of Transformation teachers, which was founded many years ago by one of the leading Tantric masters, shaman and therapist John Hawken.

Her teachers were and are Deva Maderu, Alan Lowen, John Hawken. She has been following the path of Tantra since 2003. Since 2016, when she chose John Hawken as her master, she has been studying his school in full. After completing annual trainings in bioenergetics and tantra, advanced tantra, Dark Eros, shamanism, she was invited by John to teacher training in 2019. She then became a member of John’s Paths of Transformation team. He is currently working with John as an assistant on a two-year Transformational Training in the “Braided Hair” tradition.

Assistance team:

Míra Bureš , Jana Andrlová, Šárka Bočková


She embarked on the path of tantra in 2003 and conveys this wonderful journey with deep personal experience, knowing how the Tantric path changes the qualities of life, such as self-concept, relationships, self-realization and the full experience of life HERE AND NOW, and conveys a certain kind of rebellion, in the form of not bowing down to the universal truths and Gurus, but in cultivating and cultivating the Master within.

“Course participants often ask me what Tantra means to me.

So I thought I’d share my perspective.

Tantra is not a religion and yet it is in deep respect for that which is beyond us. It is no church and yet it believes in God – of whom you are a manifestation, so perfect in your imperfection. It does not put the Guru on a pedestal because it leads us to cultivate the Master within.

…. and it is good to remember that Tantra is not a swingers party because it holds sexuality in deep respect and sanctity. Because it touches with care and respect the innermost intimacy and vulnerability of each seeker on this wonderful journey.”


     My name is Míra and from the year 2017 I am dedicated to massages, therapies, tantra and individual and partner coaching. Tantric ideas, as with other wise teachings, bring about a completely non-violent choice of a happier life for everyone. It lies in the love, respect and humility that we spread through each other. I am grateful to tantric philosophy for giving me the answer to everything I was looking for. It is not a dogmatic religion, it is above all an understanding of life, an understanding of each other, an understanding of oneself. It is with excitement, gratitude and conviction that I pass these thoughts on.
On my journey, I completed tantric, massage and shamanic trainings and courses from various teachers. I thank Jan Komeda for imparting the best approach to myself and my clients, to Andrew Barnes and Vojt Chládek for the techniques, and to John Hawken for the demonstration of therapeutic mastery. I completed the Psychoenergetic Transformation Therapist (ITP) training and in 2018, 2019 I was a member of the Art of Being tantric festival team led by Alan Loven. In recent years, I have participated in a one-year Lovemaking partner training and a two-year John Hawken Transformational Training.


In this life, I was given the name Šárka Bočková and, like every person, I play many roles in it. I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a lover, a friend, and in the environment of tantric courses where I will meet you, I will be in the role of an assistant. My mission will be to support Radka, as your teacher, and you who have decided to enter the path of change, the path of transformation.

I was qualified for this mission not only by life itself, but also by several teachers and the years of my life that I lived under their guidance and guidance. John Hawken is one of the teachers who was of fundamental importance to my journey. I went through several paths of his teachings, it was a tantric path, a shamanic path, a path of Dark Eross, and I also assisted in his courses.

I met Radka during John’s “Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit” training and joined John’s teacher training together with her. I left him after a year and a half and decided to go my own way and focus on building my Garden OLLA project. I have known Radka for more than 5 years, and during that time I have witnessed her change and growth, and I feel great respect for her as a person and a teacher, and it is a joy for me to be able to help and support her in her journey.

And what is tantra? For me, Tantra is above all about truth. About the love of truth. About our individual truth, which we learn to see, recognize and admit not only to our surroundings, but above all to ourselves. Because only if we are true and know who we are now in this given moment, we have a chance to change and we can become who we want to be.