Cesty Energie

Tantric Path

If you feel like you need to change something in your life…. that’s what you need!

The tantric spiritual path brings your energy, your potential to the surface and changes it… transforms it, the energy of life thus released becomes part of our daily life and fills it with joy, passion, pleasure, happiness, self-acceptance and love.

Tantra teaches that reality arises through the unity of energy and consciousness and through the unity of the divine feminine principle shakti and the divine masculine principle shiva. The connection of energy and consciousness in our hearts, sex and spirit creates a magical power that we can use to invite ourselves into a creative, loving and blissful reality.

Tantra is a path for anyone who wants to open up more to life and who is interested in developing their own personality in the areas of energy, consciousness, creativity and sexuality. The tantric path heals the separation between heart, spirit and sex and allows us to re-experience the sacred within us.

The energies of love, sexual excitement and pleasure empower us in the process of liberating our energy. It is a path that teaches us direct perception of our energy body, which allows, for example, to experience states of expanded consciousness and deepened orgasms.

Tantric courses allow you to experience and learn about your own energy.

The Process of the Tantric Path:

  • psychotherapy is an integral part
  • mostly in form – work with the body = BODYWORK
  • it also has a spiritual and meditative dimension
  • develops and cultivates sexual energy
  • multiplies and deepens the experience of excitement and pleasure on a physical and energetic level (part of up to a year of training)